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Read on for some frequently asked questions regarding our services.


Q: What is a high-security lock?


A: High-security locks help keep intruders out by providing increased protection from danger, making your home a safer place to live. The goal in having a high-security lock is to make an intrusion too time-consuming or too expensive to be practical. High-security locks have certain characteristics that enable them to help prevent a forced entry or manipulation. These features may include restrictive keyways, key differs, key control, high manufacturing tolerances, and resistance to manipulation and forced entry.


Q: What measures can I take to ensure my home’s security?


A: With 35 years of experience in protecting people’s homes, Reliable Lock & Safe Co Ltd can provide you with guidance and tips to ensure your home’s security. In determining if your home is safe from intruders, keep in mind the following:


1. All outside doors should be made of metal or solid wood, including basement and garage entrance doors.

2. Door hinges should not be removable from the outside.

3. Door frames should be strong enough to prevent forcing attempts.

4. All doors should have quality door locks that are in working order.

5. Doors should not have windows within 40 inches from the lock.

6. You should not be able to reach the lock from a mail chute, pet entrance or any other opening in your door.

7. Locked screen and storm doors provide another layer of protection from intruders.

8. All entrances should be well lit to discourage intruders from approaching your home.

9. Windows should have adequate locks that are in working order.

10. Screens and storm windows provide another layer of protection from burglars.

11. Garage doors should be kept closed and protected by adequate locks.

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